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EASA Software Joins Volaris Group

July 26, 2022 - PITTSBURGH, PA - Volaris Group Inc., has acquired EASA Software, a low-code application development platform that enables organizations to automate, simplify and manage critical business processes which depend on spreadsheets or other modeling tools. EASA is headquartered in Oxford, UK with additional office locations in Tampa, FL and Pittsburgh, PA.

“We are excited to welcome EASA to the Volaris family and look forward to supporting the team in bringing their unique solution to other software businesses,” said Michael Borello, Group Leader within Volaris Group.

EASA originated as a development project in 2000 by employees in the Engineering Software group of a technology consulting company. The developers of EASA recognized that there was no other tool on the market that allowed companies to deploy complex models without conventional coding. Using their education and extensive experience in the Engineering field, EASA’s founders created a specialty solution (originally designed for engineering and scientific models) that transforms existing software workflows into custom, low-code web apps.

After an increase in customer demand, there was an opportunity to carve out EASA as its own business in 2009. The business has continued to grow by building out additional low-code solutions, with particular emphasis on Microsoft Excel and mathematical modelling tools.

The General Manager of EASA, Seb Dewhurst, is eager to continue this momentum as a part of Volaris Group. He shared, “We are excited to continue to serve our customers as we always have, while benefitting from the global network within Volaris Group. This will give us the opportunity to collaborate with other software experts to continually improve and evolve EASA’s product offerings and processes.”

In accordance with Volaris' acquisition philosophy, EASA will continue to run autonomously under the direction of their General Manager, Seb Dewhurst.

EASA was advised on this transaction by Sett & Lucas.


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