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Volaris Group Acquires Avencall

January 19, 2024 – Toronto, ON – Volaris Group (Volaris) today announced the acquisition of AVENCALL, a France-based (Lyon) provider of software solutions that supports Call Centers & Public Authorities in their critical and unified communications. AVENCALL was previously a subsidiary of Wisper Group, a leading provider of software in the workspace management market.

AVENCALL SAS has been a trusted and innovative software partner in unified communications and call centers for 14 years, promoting the successful use of software in Government Administration and Contact Centers with innovative products, promoting high voice quality, customizable and open source solutions.

“Created 14 years ago to build sovereign and customizable communication systems, our software now helps one hundred thousand users every day,” said Founder of AVENCALL and Wisper’s CEO Jean-Marc Gonon. "We have focused the development of the company in the last three years on a new customer-centric offer bundling use, support and upgrade and we are now happy to hand over to Volaris, a forever invested leader in software industry."

AVENCALL’s XIVO software can be specifically adapted to the requirements and needs of its users. In combination with the new mobile application, the company has created a complete suite from freemium open-source solution to business expert communication solutions.

“As a vertical market company, AVENCALL fits very well with the focus of Volaris Group,” said Rémy Jacquier, Group Leader at Volaris Group. “We look forward to supporting the AVENCALL team in advancing their vision for the Government Administration and Contact Centers market and consistently continuing to write the success story that has begun.”

About Avencall

AVENCALL has been developing digital products and services for over 14 years to work together with people in the Government Administration and Contact Centers sector to transform the industry and improve the performance of voice-based service desks. It is important to AVENCALL to always be close and directly linked to critical communications innovation.

About Volaris Group

Volaris Group acquires, strengthens and develops software providers for vertical markets. As a division of Constellation Software Inc., Volaris is focused on helping companies grow in their respective markets, whether through organic measures such as new initiatives and product development, through day-to-day operations, or through bolt-on acquisitions. Find out more at

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