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  • Headquarters: Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Acquisition Date: December 2016
  • Vertical Market: Communications & Media


Founded in 2006, Telepin Software is a leading provider of mobile transaction infrastructure software to mobile operators. In its early stages, Telepin focused chiefly on developing electronic voucher distribution software, securing contracts with global operators such as Sprint, Claro Chile, WIND Mobile and Etisalat Egypt.


After two years of successful growth, Vince Kadar joined Telepin’s leadership team as CEO to assist with the commercialization of the business. Around this same time, the business was repositioned to target mobile telecom operators in the Mobile Financial Services market. Entering into the nascent Mobile Financial Services market was a particularly unique opportunity as there were no clear competitors, direction, or standardization bodies to interfere with innovation. In 2009, Telepin acquired their first customer in the space and have gone on to become clear leaders in the industry ever since. Eager to continue growing the business further, Vince decided to explore acquisition opportunities in 2016.

I envisioned Telepin fulfilling a pivotal position in the Communications portfolio. Between our organic growth and interest in completing acquisitions of our own, I felt sure that Telepin would play a key role in the future development of the portfolio.

— Vince Kadar, CEO, Telepin

The Decision to Sell

After researching a variety of different acquirers, he landed on Constellation Software. Intrigued by Constellation’s buy-and-hold forever acquisition philosophy, Vince made contact with Mark Leonard, President and Chairman of the board at Constellation Software Inc. Shortly thereafter, Mark put Vince in touch with the Mergers & Acquisitions team at Volaris Group as they had an established presence in the Communications market.

After connecting with David Nyland, President of Communications and Media at Volaris Group, Vince immediately identified Telepin to be a great fit within the existing portfolio of communications businesses. Telepin would bring a new Mobile Financial Services solution set to the portfolio, as well as geographic expansion into Africa, South East Asia, and Latin America. Vince and the rest of Shareholders at Telepin were compelled by Volaris’ decentralized business model, as it would allow the company to continue innovating as an independent software provider. Moreover, with access to capital for strategic initiatives and acquisitions, the shareholders felt confident that Volaris would propel Telepin into its next era of growth.

Telepin's acquisition has been well-received by the market and our customers. We look forward to seeing how Constellation Software and Volaris Group can help us grow even further.

— Vince Kadar, CEO, Telepin

Post-Acquisition Success

In late 2016, Telepin decided to join the Communications & Media portfolio at Volaris Group. With a strong financial track record behind them, Telepin is ready to take on new challenges and become even stronger with the backing of their new parent. Vince looks forward to collaborating with leaders inside the Communications & Media portfolio and exchanging best practices with Volaris companies.