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  • Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Acquisition Date: 2019
  • Vertical Market: Human Capital Management
  • Website:

5 Years Post Acquisition: 

Apdata, founded in 1984, is a Brazilian based software company that provides a complete solution for Human Capital Management, intelligent outsourcing services, and HR process consulting services. Apdata works on the development of integrated, flexible, and automated solutions in technology and outsourcing for HR.

Following the acquisition in 2019 by Volaris Group, founders Manoel Jose da Rocha and Luiza Nizoli departed the company after four years, entrusting its leadership to Davi Da Silva. Davi, the current General Manager of Apdata, has been a part of the company for 16 years. He has contributed to various areas within the company, including Research and Development (R&D) and Professional Services roles. Throughout this period, Apdata has maintained a management approach focused on teamwork and collaboration.

Looking back over this period, it's clear that not only were the major commitments made during the acquisition process upheld, but also meticulous attention was paid to every detail along the way. From maintaining the company culture to ensuring seamless integration with Volaris' operations, every aspect of the transition received careful consideration and execution.

Moreover, the passage of time has allowed for a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of the acquisition. It's not just about meeting the immediate objectives, but also about sustaining and enhancing Apdata's position within the broader framework of Volaris. The journey over these five years has been one of continuous growth, adaptation, and alignment with the overarching goals of both organizations.

Today, 5 years after the acquisition, I can say that it is enough time to look back and make sure that not only the major commitments, but also the details of the process were fully fulfilled.

- Davi Da Silva, GM, Apdata

Post-Acquisition Growth

Since the acquisition, Apdata has maintained a remarkable track record of double-digit growth, marking it as a standout achievement. This trend persisted in both 2021 and 2022. On average, spanning from 2021 to 2023, Apdata demonstrated an impressive annual growth rate of 16% over the three-year duration.

Another achievement stemmed from the educational process facilitated by Volaris. This process prompted Apdata to reassess various aspects of its operations, including its marketing and sales strategies. Through introspection and strategic refinement, Apdata not only enhanced its product offerings but also optimized its approach to customer acquisition and retention, paving the way for sustained growth and success in the market.

Volaris Support Post Acquisition

Within the Finance team, a notable strength emerged post-acquisition: a steadfast commitment to meticulous planning, measurement, and comparison based on a standardized model applicable to hundreds of technology companies. Initially, there was a perception of uniqueness, but through regular budget reviews and monthly closings, the team progressively embraced Volaris Group’s best practices benchmarking approach. By establishing a structured comparative foundation, the team continually scrutinized areas for business enhancement and innovation.

These benchmarks provided invaluable insights that guided strategic decision-making, optimizing operational processes, and fostering sustained growth throughout the company's journey under Volaris Group's support.

The acquisition process generated a great movement of organization. Companies normally think they are organized when they do not have external parameters for comparison. Simple parameters such as price variation, the frequency of reviewing sales tables or even more complex assessments such as how much we should expect from investment in sales and marketing were crucial to our growth.

- Davi Da Silva, GM of Apdata

Talent Development at Volaris Group 

The talent development opportunities within the Volaris Group have been instrumental for both the team and leadership at Apdata. Rather than overhauling company culture, Da Silva recognized the strengths embedded within it and sought to leverage available resources effectively. Access to an extensive knowledge database allowed the team to tailor their learning initiatives to their business needs.

Today, every member of their leadership, spanning from coordinators to the General Manager, has undergone training in the core fundamentals of Volaris' knowledge domains. 

Additionally, participation in large-scale, in-person events has facilitated invaluable exchanges of experiences with peers occupying similar roles.

Future Growth

Apdata's next stages of growth are anchored in the execution of strategic initiatives, particularly within Product and Development.

In 2024, we're eager to unveil tech and service updates that enhance customer experiences. Exciting changes await!

– Davi Da Silva, GM of Apdata

Insights on Selling to Volaris Group

Most founders who have been successful leaders want to see their business move forward away from the hands of competitors or predatory investment funds. I would recommend Volaris as the path to ensure business continuity and to achieve success. In this scenario, the Volaris team that helped our dream come true will also be part of the growth plans. I am part of that statistic!

- Davi Da Silva, GM, Apdata

Apdata’s Post Acquisition Awards

•    Finalist of the Top of Mind in HR, in the Technology for HR Management category (Top RH). Winner to be be announced in November 2024.
•    Winner of the Top of Mind in HR, in the Technology for HR Management category (Top RH)
•    Trusted Suppliers (Melhor RH)
•    Best Suppliers for HR (Gestão RH)
•    2nd Place in the Top of Mind in HR, in the Technology for HR Management category (Top RH)
•    Top 5 in the Top of Mind in HR, in the Technology for HR Management category (Top RH)
•    Best Suppliers for HR (Gestão RH)
•    3rd Place in the Top of Mind in HR, in the Technology for HR Management category (Top RH)
•    Best Suppliers for HR (Gestão RH)
•    Trusted Suppliers (Melhor RH)
•    Best Suppliers for HR (Gestão RH)
•    The Fastest Growing SMEs in Brazil (Deloitte and Exame)