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Volaris Group Expands its Presence in Australia and New Zealand


Our History in Australia & New Zealand

Volaris Group first entered Australia in 2005 with the acquisition of Austrics, a Transit software company. Upon acquisition Austrics became Trapeze Group Asia Pacific. From 2005 to 2018, Volaris grew its presence in Australia and New Zealand with a further 8 acquisitions across various verticals.

2019 Acquisitions in Australia & New Zealand

Year to date, Volaris Group has acquired 4 companies based in Australia and New Zealand:

Lingo Systems is a fleet management software company that offers solutions for carpool management. Lingo Systems joins a growing portfolio of fleet management solutions under the Smartrak banner. 

Pegasus Systems is a software company in the creative services vertical. Pegasus offers creative agencies an integrated system for finance, production, and media management. Pegasus is Volaris’ second acquisition in the creative services vertical.

ValuePro is a provider of property valuation management software for leading valuation businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Holocentric is a provider of software to the government, healthcare, financial services, and defense sectors. Holocentric joins several other Volaris companies that offer solutions for the healthcare and financial services sectors.

Map showing all acquisitions by Volaris Group in Australia and New Zealand updated for 2019

Why Volaris Group?

As a frequent and specialist acquirer of vertical market software companies, Volaris Group offers certainty and reliability. With the financial backing of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU), our team of dedicated M&A professionals are able to close acquisitions quickly and efficiently. Additionally, through our global network we are able to offer software business owners and professional managers the resources and best practices to sustainably grow their businesses.

Our Acquisition Criteria

Volaris Group has acquired several dozen businesses over the years and each one of them is unique. Our portfolio companies vary widely in terms of geography, size, technology, and other factors. Click here for general guidelines of what we look for in potential acquisitions.

Let’s Connect

We continue to actively seek new opportunities in Australia and New Zealand as we look to expand our presence further in the region. Do you own or represent a software company that may be a good fit for Volaris? Let’s talk.