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2020 End of Year Acquisition Update

As the world was upended by a global pandemic in 2020, the software industry had to adapt to a year of suspended business travel, in-person conferences moved online, and a mass shift toward remote work. Despite these challenges, Volaris Group continued to acquire businesses at a steady pace.

Volaris added 24 new companies over the course of the year, introducing a new roster of talent to an ever-growing team of leaders. Many of these founders and entrepreneurs built and nurtured their businesses over several decades, and Volaris is committed to ensuring that each will grow and succeed under our guidance. By joining Volaris, these companies have new avenues to advance product development, expand market reach, offer new opportunities to employees, and enable a closer focus on customer needs.


Overview of 2020 acquisitions

As a global software acquirer, Volaris already has a presence in more than 30 countries. Though we follow some general acquisition criteria guidelines, the companies we acquire vary widely in terms of vertical market, geography, technology and other factors. This year, the businesses joining Volaris included:

  • 10 in North America
  • 9 in Europe
  • 3 in Australia and New Zealand 
  • 1 in Israel
  • 1 in Brazil


Click on the logos in the chart for more information on each company.


Here are some highlights that showcase the diversity of Volaris Group's 2020 acquisitions. 

Clarity Group: A renewed focus on growth

  • Acquisition Date: February 2020
  • Vertical Market: Healthcare
  • Technology: Revenue management, business assurance, and analytics software for telecom service providers
  • Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Why Volaris? 

Clarity Group's founders were ready to retire and look for an exit strategy, so they appointed a longtime employee, Tom Piotrowkski, to take over as the new president of the company. As he dived into the role headfirst, he was able to learn more about the functional areas of the business while Volaris was able to take on the finance, legal and HR functions at the corporate level. 

"My leadership style seems to be pretty aligned with Volaris. This means allowing staff the freedom to be creative, challenge conventional wisdom, and take more ownership of their departmental processes."

Tom Piotrowski, President, Clarity Group 


WiFi SPARK: Accelerating growth under new ownership

  • Acquisition Date: September 2020
  • Vertical Market: Healthcare, Retail
  • Technology: Commercial WiFi solutions for healthcare and retail establishments. Offers visitors premium internet connectivity while capturing valuable demographic and behavioral information.
  • Headquarters: Exeter, UK

Why Volaris?

16 years after starting WiFi SPARK, founder and CEO Matt O'Donovan knew that he needed to do something to accelerate the growth and adoption of its SPARK platform. In 2019, he began looking at his options. He dismissed the idea of a trade sale because he wanted to continuing managing the business. After meeting with about nine private equity firms, a representative from Volaris called. After speaking to leaders of other businesses acquired, he was reassured that his customers and employees would be looked after once acquired. 

“When you're running your own business and you're the CEO, the buck stops with you. You don't always have someone you can ask what to do about this or that. When you're part of Volaris Group, there are literally hundreds of people you can ask. The knowledge sharing is so valuable.” 

— Matt O'Donovan, CEO, WiFi SPARK                                                          

Symbrio: Seeking resources to fuel growth

  • Acquisition Date: August 2020
  • Vertical Market: Communications & Media
  • Technology: Scandinavia's leading provider of procure-to-pay software solutions for the installation industry
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Why Volaris?

In 2019, Symbrio's holding company was looking to streamline its portfolio of businesses through a strategic divestment. After being approached by Lumine Group, the Symbrio team began considering the possibility of a sale. CEO Johan Ouchterlony wanted an acquirer that would keep the business intact, so he ruled out the venture capital route. After speaking with Lumine Group, he felt a sense of trust in the "buy-and-hold forever" promise.

“Lumine Group has introduced us to new routines and reporting cycles that we are already implementing and learning from. The process is structured, professional, and a great base to build new strategies.” 

— Johan Ouchterlony, CEO, Symbrio

Let’s Connect

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