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Volaris in the Media: SSP, Chevin Fleet, SPARK TSL, and More

In this edition of Volaris in the Media, we are highlighting recent articles (and even podcasts!) featuring our leaders. 

Our business leaders are speaking to industry-focused trade publications and other media about their acquisition experiences, relationships with industry partners, and their areas of expertise.

SSP Managing Director speaks about a new mission focusing on trust and growth

After taking on the role of Managing Director at SSP, Martyn Matthews spoke with InsuranceAge to explain his new mission for SSP Broker. These goals include growing trust, building new relationships, and continuing to learn as they move forward. 

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New CEO of Chevin Fleet Solutions speaks about collaboration after being acquired by Volaris Group

FleetNews spoke with Gary Thompson, Chevin’s CEO, on the changes the company has gone through in the past year, including the collaboration and opportunities that have appeared after being acquired by Volaris Group. 

Learn more in the article.

DigitalHealth reports on SPARK TSL’s new acquisition of Santean Group

SPARK TSL’s new acquisition of Santean Group and its FusionBedside platform has led to innovation and better efficiency in hospitals, through the use of connectivity solutions. Matt O’Donovan, SPARK TSL’s Chief Executive, believes this will cause a shift in both staff and patient experience in UK healthcare for the better. 

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Hypergen Sales Podcast interviews sales and marketing leaders at AssetWorks

Both Jaclyn Jagodinski and Crystal Germond spoke with John Mansour at the Hypergen Sales Podcast. Jagodinski is VP of Sales and Marketing at AssetWorks, and she discussed her background and how she got to where she is today. She shared insights into the ever-changing landscape of her work.

Germond spoke about how she challenges herself in B2B sales, managing morale, and the importance of a leader’s integrity. Since appearing on the podcast, Germond has taken a new role within Volaris as General Manager of eQuip, where she continues to apply her sales and marketing leadership.

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